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CancerSeek TM Pending

CancerSeek is a phlebotomy business based in Omaha, Nebraska. We have been following the exciting progress of micro fluid analysis for cancer detection for many years. We have patiently been waiting for this field to be ready for public use. We started following the field and the technology advancement in 2014 after seeing Jorge Soto, a co-founder of the company Miroculus, speak about his dream of using biomarkers for inexpensive and accurate cancer detection. A couple of years later, we met Alejandro Tocigl, another co-founder/CEO of Miroculus, at his office in San Francisco to discuss the company's progress. The micro fluid migration technology that Miroculus is focused on is part of our business plan.

CancerSEEK will open retail phlebotomy offices across the Midwest (Omaha, KC, Des Moines, Denver) to start, as soon as the technology is proven with large trials. We will purchase the technology from the developing company and focus specifically on micro fluid biomarker analysis for detection of disease.

There are a number of companies racing to get this exciting field of study to the public. Miroculus and Grail are at the forefront of the field at this time but they are not alone. CancerSEEK will work with any company that can show, through trials, that their technology is accurate and can be retailed at a price that is comfortable for the average person.

We are a private business and not seeking investors. We only want to bring early cancer detection to the general public at an affordable price point. Most people have had personal experience with cancer in some way, and we are no exception. Our goal is to be the leading company that benefits the average person with accurate cancer testing.

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